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News: August 2008
Bowen Island Undercurrent

Publication ban placed on alleged molestation case

Julie Andres - Bowen Island Undercurrent - May 28, 2008

Last week an allegation was made to the Bowen Island RCMP detachment that a girl had been molested, according to Cpl. Don Southern, who was reached by phone in Victoria. Cst. Steve Mikatsu told the Undercurrent that he cannot make any statement regarding the alleged incident due to a publication ban. "If we thought there was any immediate danger to the public, we would issue a warning to that effect," he said.

Meanwhile, some Bowen Island parents are warning children to travel in pairs to and from school, lessons and appointments. Bowen Island Community School Principal David Langmuir said that school staff have been assured that there isn't any risk and no warning has been issued. A teacher at the Bowen Island Dance Academy said she was not aware of any warning being issued to students of BIDA.

The police station is fielding a very high call volume regarding this issue, but due to a ban on publishing information, no more can be said for the time being.

Cape Roger Curtis comprehensive plan slowly evolving

By Julie Andres - Bowen Island Undercurrent - May 23, 2008

Planning consultant for the municipality, Michael Rosen, and community planner Jason Smith presented an update on the Cape Roger Curtis comprehensive planning process at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday. Development options have been under consideration by various advisory committees, working groups, referral organizations and municipal staff since January.

The planners recommended that council endorse overarching principles that have been formulated to guide the establishment of a CRC comprehensive plan, and that council instruct the municipal planning team to work with the developers achieve a set of detailed planning objectives.

A new version of the comprehensive plan for Cape Roger Curtis development was submitted to the municipality for consideration on May 7. Unlike the previous proposal, the plan designated the area around the lighthouse as private rather than parkland. Several at the meeting voiced the opinion that the area is one of the most important to the community.

The plan also includes an 80 room inn, 5,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, a seniors' care facility and 490 residential units.

While recognizing that there is a great deal of dialogue still needed, Rosen credited the CRC developers with a spirit of good will. "We should not trivialize what has been put before the community and acknowledge the proponents' proposal to dedicate 52 per cent as parkland," he said.

Council instructed the planning team to continue working with the representatives of Cape Roger Curtis Community Development Ltd. to address outstanding elements related to density/development yield, island-wide impacts, infrastructure and community amenities.

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